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Madness… How much people love this theme! Why so? Maybe because it’s different from our ordinary world. Maybe because it’s dangerous. And maybe because we all dream of going insane from time to time and shake off all the conventions the society imposes on us. It’s no wonder games similar to Fran Bow attract us like magnet. This point-and-click adventure won’t take you a very long time. The controls require just a mouse or sensor screen. There is no voicing, only text. Sometimes you’ll come across puzzles or mini-games. The items you’ll find will be used almost instantly, so you won’t have to carry them around remembering about them and thinking how to apply them later.

You are going to play as a ten-year-old girl named Fran Bow just like the game itself. Parents gave her a black cat whom she called Mr. Midnight because of his color. But considering the game is of the horror genre, our heroine experienced tragic events and got to the mental hospital. What now? You need to run away, find the cat and return home. The events unfold on standard locations that are sometimes blurred and turn into a bloody alternative reality. To get into it, Fran needs to take pills she found in the hospital. The girl is kind and charming, willing to help everybody, but if someone is unfair to her, she can become quite stubborn and even cruel.

Through the game, you’ll learn more and more about Fran and her inner world. You’ll be overpowered with various emotions. And that’s what differs it to advantage from other games of the genre. Because when we play a horror game we want to be not just scared, but also intrigued, amazed and sometimes even touched. Fran Bow will supply you with these impressions with a vengeance!


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