Little Misfortune

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Most of us have already seen all possible horror concepts are tired of unpretentious, one-track games based on screamers and suspense unattached to any kind of story behind it. After some time, it becomes predictable and not so creepy as before. We are fed up with fear and we want something more. That’s why we love independent developers so much – away from producer control, they create really gloomy things that simply don’t have analogues in the mainstream. And although Fran Bow is a rather classic (even nostalgic) quest in terms of gaming mechanics, its visual and plot content is something outstanding.

The game tells the story of a little girl named Little Misfortune who ends up in a psychiatric hospital after experiencing a stressful event. One night, a terrible someone enters her house and chopps her parents to pieces. And while at first the story seems more like a regular horror, after just a few chapters the plot becomes so crazy that you just have nothing to compare it with. This is an inventive journey into the wonderful world of paranoid schizophrenia. Little Misfortune is dominated by sheer madness. And despite the fact that the game constantly and boldly refers to Alice in Wonderland, a completely different work comes to mind – Terry Gilliam’s Tideland, only without any strings with reality.

At the same time, the visual style is simply charming – it feels like the child’s game is completely drawn on a piece of paper, no signs of digital intrusion are felt at all. The game doesn’t have three-dimensional graphics, it is touchingly two-dimensional and extremely vivid. Such a warm and cozy insanity. Despite all the fabulousness of the plot and childlike aura, Little Misfortune is an ultimate horror game with a huge amount of scary scenes, blood and abominations. When it comes to the number of sickening details, even the most experienced horror player can feel at least a little uncomfortable. Though the game isn’t so brutal, some scenes may well cause a rash even in adults. If you’re willing to test your nervous system and enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the game, you just can’t miss playing Little Misfortune online on our site!


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