Fran Bow 2

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Fran Bow is a unique game, as it is an ideal combination of the best representatives of classic quests and atmospheric horror. From the first, here are interesting puzzles, various locations, bizarre characters and dialogues, familiar to all fans of the genre in no way complicated gameplay. From the second – an intriguing gloomy plot, a setting of a dark fairy-tale horror story and really frightening images.

The visual style resembles fairy tale illustrations made in a slightly more grotesque style. There are both cute fantasy creatures and decorations saturated with soul and kindness, and large quantities of blood, dead, oppressive and intelligible images, dark figures. The game skillfully balances in these two components, remaining with all its adulthood still a children’s fairy tale, visible only through the eyes of our eleven-year-old heroine. This is what gives the game the very uniqueness that sets it apart from many other representatives of the genre. The plot here is also deep and thought out, light fairytale moments do not interfere with adult perception, but rather add points to the atmosphere and admiration for how thoughtful this unreal world is. It is strange that such a game did not give rise to hype and did not become the basis for a bunch of conspiracy theories that horror honors are thousands of times less scary and thought out or even children’s cartoons.

The main character is cute and innocent, it’s easy to sympathize with her. Other creatures of her imagination and real-life characters are also interesting in their design and variety, especially when this is due to the possibility of solving puzzles. There is something charming in the game, where the cutest and most fabulous people-cones and deadly worms are crowded. The plot is entertaining and open to interpretation, especially if you immerse yourself in reading various books and notes that fall in the way.

To sum up, if you like the theme of quests and you aren’t confused by the appearance of disgusting deformed bodies with skin turned inside out, Fran Bow is definitely for you. It’s a clean experience without frantic screams right into the headphones and scary faces that flash for a second in front of the screen. Everything is based exclusively on the atmosphere and images. And this is a definite and huge plus. Wanna check that out? Launch Fran Brow online and get pulled into the vortex of amazing nightmares!


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