Fran Bow Unblocked

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Those enjoying deep, thoughtful horrors just can’t afford to overlook Fran Bow! The game greets visitors with a joyless monochrome movie. Here she is, Fran Bow-Dagenhart, playing with her best friend, a cat named Mr. Midnight, surrounded by loving parents and caring Aunt Grace. A few seconds pass and black and white tones are diluted with a generous portion of scarlet: someone brutally dismembered mom and dad, and Fran herself and her pet flee from a bloody nightmare into the forest. There he loses consciousness, gaining it already in the children’s incarnation of Lovecraft’s Arkham.

The head doctor stuffs the girl with pills and does not let her aunt, the nurses see only a burden in their patients, the guard is prone to pedophilia, the children are clogged in their neurosis and psychopathy, the occasional demon with goat horns promises torture and suffering, the parents are dead, and poor Mr. Midnight still somewhere out there, in a cold forest, without food and water… The cat in Fran Bow is more than a character; he is the main motivator for Fran, a symbol of the brutally gutted, already unattainable happiness and agonizing hope, the only glimpse in the materialized hell. For the sake of saving Mr. Midnight, the girl decides to get out of the abode of pain and fragments of child consciousness crushed into porridge.

Fran is a kind and curious child, and these qualities should help her in realizing the planned escape. Residents of the hospital, if at one time they knew what kindness was, they had long ago erased their memories of government food, therapy sessions and the ruins of their own “ego” (or, perhaps, “id”). For her good deeds, Fran will receive certain items that will certainly come in handy. And the natural inquisitiveness of the mind will help rummage around the boxes and combine what is collected.

But these qualities are not enough to escape. Fortunately (or maybe not), our young miss has a secret weapon. Dr. Dearne once prescribed duotine for her, but because of side effects she canceled taking these pills. Having eaten the medicine, Fran can see what is not in (this) reality and get to where the path was previously closed. But no one canceled the side effects: dead animals, severed heads, shadow torturers, corpses, skeletons… Here is where the whole story – and the surrealistic nightmare – begins. Perhaps you can make sure it has a happy ending? Play Fran Bow online and find out!


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