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Have you already tried a new horror game called Fran Bow? This two-dimensional point-and-click-adventure doesn’t only save the gamer from the need to master the controls, but also frees your second hand to grab a glass of water or stroke a guinea pig. To the credit of the studio behind it, one should note that during the passage (and this is about six hours) you will hardly remember at least once that there are 3D computer games in full version. The characters and background are completely hand-drawn and they don’t only look elegant, but are also quite capable of competing with their costly realistic counterparts. There is no voice acting in the game, but this doesn’t impoverish Fran Bow – on the contrary, you perceive it as a feature.

Killmonday games, as well as fans of their work, proudly hashtag the game as horror, but the element of horror here is nominal. If you are the same age as Fran or a little older (up to 16) – yes, the adventure will scare you big time. Alas, such sensations don’t shine for an adult audience. Fran Bow can’t be called scary – rather uncomfortable. Monotonous sounds, Fran’s eyes deflated, close contact with all kinds of mental disorders and an animated gore slowly but surely put pressure on the player. However, full-fledged suspense remains, by and large, only at the first level: as it progresses, the horror slowly disappears, giving way to a psychedelic trip long before the middle of the story.

The outer parameters of Fran Bow, pleasant to the eye, give away not only the talent of the artists, but also plenty of references. Some of the most obvious one – Lovecraft’s stories and of course Alice in Wonderland. Fran has the same stripped stockings as miss Liddell, Mr. Midnight goes for Cheshire Cat and duotone resembles the Drink Me potion. It’s like another chapter of our favorite children’s book, only a grimmer one. Are you ready to read it together with Fran?


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