Fran Bow Horror

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When you play Fran Bow, you can’t help but wonder if the author of this game was on drugs or simply a schizophrenic like the main heroine. What starts as a cute hand-drawn story about a little girl soon turns into an eerie thriller with a murder, psycho ward and hallucinatory trip into an imaginary land inside the girl’s traumatized mind. You are going to explore the darkest corners of her psyche and try to find something good that can still remain there. The girl is determined to run away form the hospital where she is kept with one single goal – to find her cat that disappeared on the night she was first put on pills in Fran Bow Horror. Perhaps it’s the medicine that works so harshly on her brain? This is yet another question you are about to find an answer to.

Aside from the intriguing story, another thing that really impresses you in Fran Bow is the atmosphere. The music in the game is amazing, from frightening howls and ambient to calm and pacifying. The sounds are juicy and complement the picture with an additional layer of atmospheric. Despite the triviality of the gameplay of the quest component, solving riddles is fascinating, following the plot is no less interesting, and even surprising, how one can get in touch with another and create a complete and connected picture from a seemingly mishmash of fabulous creatures, talking animals and demonic bloody fogs.

In general, the story is very sad and cruel, but one thing can’t be taken away from it – Fran Bow is damn talentedly executed. The remarks and comments of little Fran, as well as her reactions to the frenzy around her, are simply inimitable. This beautiful plot and attractive visuals make this game a must for every horror fan. It is and absolutely unique work of gaming art. Madness gushes over the edge, and it really scares. See for yourself playing Fran Bow online on our site!


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